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NST Green CertifiedNST 2 SRL is running its facilities with 100% renewable energy.
All our products are designed  and manufactured to have better efficency and to reduce the footprint  of our production. We hope you will follow and share  our philosophy.

From the idea to the hanging garment.
NST is a solid and punctual partner, with an eye towards the future, a point of reference for its customers, offering expertise and experience throughout the entire clothing manufacturing process, from the model to the hanging garment.


We have been operating in the clothing and tailoring field since 1999.

We are professionals that are used to new challenges, specialized in finding new solutions.

We are at the forefront in the use of innovative technologies, testing new processes and latest generation fabrics on a daily basis.

We provide our ability to handle even single productions, both for industrial quantities, and for small series or samples.

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